Natural materials - A Nordic essential

We have a special place in our heart for home goods created with natural materials. You might have noticed?

What we love about natural materials is the warmth and texture they add to our homes and they are such key elements in Nordic and Scandinavian interior. The Nordic folk have a long history of creating home goods in natural materials. Their desire to add decor in these materials to their homes is still very visible in Scandinavian design, as there is a strong culture of designing furniture and other home goods in natural materials. They are also long lasting and often more sustainable choices than artificially created materials.

Mixing and using different natural materials makes for an interesting room with lots of different texture, but by keeping the same tone through out the room it will still be restful for the eye. Or, be bold and go all in on colour. Lagom (just right) is what you make of it and what to you is the right amount. Let's have a closer look at some of the materials we enjoy incorporating in our home. 


With it's warmth and softness, wool makes for the perfect material when looking for something to give that cozy hygge atmosphere. For cuddling up on a cold winter day, or warming yourself on a cool summer evening, a wool blanket is your perfect companion! The experience of the heat spreading in your body when you are wrapped in a wool blanket is a very relaxing feeling.

Wool blanket with coffee tray
We also love a sheepskin rug in an armchair or placed on the floor in front of a fire place. Or anywhere really. You never go wrong with a soft, curly sheepskin. - And the smell! The smell (or should we say scent here!?) of wool is fantastic!


Cotton and Linen

When looking for upholstered furniture, it is no secret that cotton and linen make our hearts beat just a wee bit faster. Synthetic fibres don't make our heart beat at all, if we'd be frank. Textiles are wonderful in that you easily change the feeling of a room by adding textiles in different textures and colours. A room is transformed in an instant by placing a linen table cloth on your modern wood table. Voila, you now have a romantic and moody setting! Textiles in natural fibres are used to set the atmosphere in Nordic home interior. To frame it, if you wish. Choice of rug, cushions and curtains all have an effect on the atmosphere in the room. For a light and airy Nordic feeling chose linen curtains that allow the light to enter the room and cushions in light colours

Evening table with linen textiles

It's all in the details, no? Although leather might not be the most obvious choice when thinking of home interior, we love details of leather here and there, like the handles on the beautiful Finnish birch baskets. It gives an elevated touch and again another layer of texture to our homes. Other details we enjoy are swapping out the cabinet knobs for leather straps, or strings of leather for hanging different objects

Birch basket with tanned leather handles

There is something special about wood. The richness and warmth immediately softens the appearance of a room and a white kitchen will look much softer and warmer with a wooden countertop contra one in granite. We love using wood in our decor, but like to use the same nuance to get a unified look. - Think of the wood as in groups. Lighter types of wood go together and darker varieties go together. Collecting a few favourite items (More wood please! Think Canadian tuxedo, but wood.) on a wooden tray is a fun way to display them by using the tray as the framework. It also minimizes mess!

We could certainly go on about other natural materials like glass, ceramic, brass. - We love them all! But we'll leave it with these for now hoping we have ignited in you a spark of joy for natural materials. Were you on beforehand a devoted naturalist (!) or is this new to you? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in a comment.

Warmly, Sara    

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