Spring – the season of new beginnings

Spring is a time of changes and the season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom, colours are popping out, the trees are crispy green and animals awaken. The gardeners and farmers plant their seeds as the temperatures rise slowly and we all feel an urge to spend more time outside. It is an excellent time to get outside and observe how nature is slowly awakening and also to take a moment to invite freshness into your home.

We love getting some hyacinths and narcissus in pots in our home. The smell and colour of these delicate flowers make all our senses go “Spring”.

Spring flowers in our home are a certain sign that spring is on our doorstep and this time of year we love inviting light and cheerful colours into our home.

We also enjoy a good spring cleaning. In Sweden we have developed the term “death cleaning” (sounds worse than it is!). What it means is a deep and thorough cleaning combined with de-cluttering, which can be done at any stage in life, or time of year. We think a lighter version of this is a good way to make space for spring. Once our home is clean and our windows are washed we feel that our home can breath again and soak up the fresh spring light.

We like our curtains in light colours and materials during spring and summer to really allow the light to shine in. Another easy way to add some spring to our home is to integrate candles, small vases and other objects in light and fresh colours. This way we are just adding a touch of spring to our existing space.

We notice that our cooking routines change as well, as we start to crave more fresh greens and lighter dishes. Early spring we start to plan what veggies to grow and we love watching them slowly grow, while we long for summer dishes with homegrown greens.


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