our philosophy

Lagom sits deep in the Swedish psyche. It is a philosophy and overarching approach to living our life. It is about choosing the most optimal, not necessarily the perfect, solution in any life situation to create balance and harmony, be it work, family, home decor, food, taking care of the environment and more. We can think of lagom as a scale that has to be in balance. Too much stresses the scale, as does too little.  

Lagom pushes us to be closer to the state where each of us feels the most content and happy in our life. The beauty of lagom is that it is a philosophy and a mindset without any specific actions or rules to follow. Instead, lagom seeks to inspire us to find our own balance and harmony where we are naturally in flow with ourselves.

In our home, lagom relaxes us. We need our home to be functional and beautiful, as nesting is a natural instinct to us humans. It is not necessarily about creating the most hygge atmosphere, or a minimalistic home. Instead lagom finds its place in between. It is about finding balance and creating a home where the items have meaning and purpose, be it emotional, aesthetic or functional value. 

To us, a lagom home is a space where the items are chosen carefully and with timelessness and quality in mind. They are pieces that will give joy for many years to come. We believe our home is our safe haven where we feel comfortable and in flow. By choosing timeless, quality pieces for our space we are well on our way to creating a mindful and harmonious lifestyle.

In the words of Hans Christian Andersen - "Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly, “One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.”


my story


Growing up in Sweden, and living in Denmark for 10 years before moving to Canada, I am very much attuned with the Nordic lifestyle and way of living. It is in my DNA. I moved here with my Canadian husband in 2019 and wanted this life change to be more than just physical in nature. I wanted to use it as an opportunity to open up new doors. 

From a young age I have always wanted to run my own business. Moving across the ocean was an opportunity for myself to start fresh and I wanted to be daring, to put myself out there, take risks, and be brave. I believe that life is not just a problem to figure out; it is meant to be fully experienced. This is a chance for me to embrace new opportunities and new beginnings, to live a full life.

I value a balanced life, something I have come to call a lagom lifestyle. With a background in the E-commerce industry and an eye for beautiful objects, I have opened up the doors to Lagom Home. My hope is to share my heritage, the Nordic philosophy, with you and to be part of your journey to creating a harmonious home and lifestyle.


Warmly, Sara