Linen coffee filter

Linen coffee filter

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Nestled in the forests of Trolldalen, in the northern parts of Sweden, lay a small linen weaving factory. Here the most preserved sites from the heydays of flax and linen production are found and the small sheds and workshops bear witness to the peasantry's utilisation of the many rushing rivers turning them into hydropower.
This small factory carry forth the flax handcraft tradition on this cultural heritage site. They have been spinning and weaving their products since 1989 and are blending modern design with traditional craftsmanship.

Eco-labeled and reusable, this coffee filter in linen save both the environment and your money while looking beautiful at the same time.
Use it as a regular filter in your brewer or pour over, but instead of throwing it out use it again and again. When the coffee is finished brewing, allow the filter to dry in place and once dry simply empty it in your compost or garbage. Then rinse and hang to dry until next brewing.

Boil the filter before first use and then as needed to remove coffee residue and grease. It can also be washed at 60℃ / Hot - without washing or rinsing agent.


100% Unbleached Linen
Made in Sweden